2020 Events


Super Pet Expo, Edison NJ February 7-9

February 8th 3pm

The Feline Fine Project with special guest Paula Garber, Lifeline Cat Behavior Solutions.

The presentation will cover not only the importance of annual wellness checks, but how to choose the right veterinarian, silent signs of illness and tips for making the trip to the vet less daunting.  The presentation will be followed by Q&A time so have your questions ready!

2019 Events

February 2019 Super Pet Expo Guest Speaker  Dr. Liz Bales

April 2019 Catsbury Park Cat Convention Guest Speaker Dr. Lynn Bahr

July 2019 Silicat Cat Convention Guest Speaker  Dr. Lynn Bahr

October 2019 Catsbury Park Philadelphia Cat Convention Guest Speaker Tabitha Kucera

2018 Events



Come visit me at The Brodie Fund Table and the Non-Profits panel:

3:00pm- 3:45pm: Making a Pawsitive Change: Spotlight on Non-Profits

  • Sally Williams, Founder of The Brodie Fund

  • Sarah Brasky, Founder of Foster Dogs NYC

  • Joey Teixeira of @mervinthechiuhuahua + Senior Manager of Planned Giving at ASPCA

  • Brittni Vega of @harlowandsage


PetCon: A pet lover’s dream. 

Celebrity pet meet + greets, insightful panels, adoptable pets, curated vendors, fun activations and more!

Sign up to be the first to know about the next PetCon: https://petinsider.com/petcon


I will be attending Snowcats representing both The Brodie Fund and The Feline Fine Project.  Speaking engagement to be announced.


A convention all things cats! Snowcats is an art and music themed comic-con / cat adoption event originating in Denver, Colorado during the peak of the holiday season. The inaugural event will take place Saturday and Sunday December 8th and 9th at the Exdo Center in the Rino neighborhood of downtown Denver.

Come join us for live music, amazing cat stars, tons of cat themed art and most importantly, plenty of adoptable cats and drinkable wine. Visit https://www.snowcatsconvention.com