Mocha and Penny, Intercat Aggression: Behavior Consult&Action Plan


After living together harmoniously for nearly 4 years, our cats Penny and Mocha, started out of nowhere, and for no visible reason, fighting to the point that they had to be separated. Sadly, their aggressive behavior really began to disrupt our household. It was difficult for us trying to figure out what happened between them and if they could ever be together again. It seemed hopeless.

After a visit to the vet and cleared of no medical issues, he recommended The Contented Cat, and said he's had wonderful feedback. I followed his advice and called. Well, after meeting Sally, all I can say is that she is an extraordinary woman, who genuinely loves and cares about cats!! Her recommendations, action plan, and keen sense, have made remarkable changes for our cats. With Sally's help and guidance they went from constant fighting and having to be kept in separate rooms, back to grooming each other and playing and sleeping together! Also, during these issues, we were leaving town,  and thankfully Sally was available to pet sit for us. 

We can't tell you enough what a relief it was having her to our rescue during this time. We are very grateful to her for bringing our cats back together,  living harmoniously once again!!

If you are having behavioral issues with your cats, I would, without a doubt, highly recommend Sally! You'll find her to be a very special, attentive, caring person, who loves what she does and knows what she's doing!

Lorraine, Red Bank NJ


Snoopy, Grief and Anxiety: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


When my mother passed away, I knew my husband and I had to take in her cat. We thought, cats take care of themselves, he knows us, this should be easy. We had no idea what was to come - 3 months of no sleep because he was crying and screaming all night long, erratic behavior like not eating, hiding, and running like crazy throughout the house, and then our agonizing decision of who could take care of him since we could no longer do it. We investigated finding him a new home ourselves, foster homes, and shelters, but were told adoption would be difficult for a 15 year old black cat. And since he's part of my mother, the emotional pain of giving him up was wearing on me.

That's when we found Sally. She spent time with us and him and was attentive to our issues/needs. We had no idea that cats grieve too and he was having trouble adjusting to the loss and a new home. She provided immediate steps to take and created a 30-day plan to get him on track. By day 6 we were 80% there - we couldn't believe it. It's been about 2 months and we are so happy to have him in our family and we know he feels the same way too. We would have never gotten to this point without Sally and we are forever grateful for that! We highly recommend Sally!

Jennifer, Fort Lee NJ



Leon, New Cat W/Food Anxiety: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


I hired Sally of The Contented Cat soon after I brought a one-year-old cat home from the ASPCA.  She was very helpful in getting us both acclimated to our new life together.  It was obvious to me that my new little friend had food issues resulting from his life as a stray.  Sally took the time to work with me by giving me important strategies that helped ease his anxious tendency to obsess over food.  After her visit, I was given a list of helpful products and services that would ensure a happy and healthy life for my cat, as well as an additional month of consultation.  I am grateful for her help and it has helped me to become better aware of cat behavior, which helps avoid a variety of bad habits.  Today, my little guy is thriving  and has turned into a mature and responsible big brother to our latest addition to the family!  The things I learned from Sally have helped me with the kitten as well.  I highly recommend The Contented Cat.

Dina, Long Branch NJ



Hope, Litter Box Aversion: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


Sally's upbeat demeanor, positive energy and extensive knowledge make her a real pro at what she does. She gave us so many strategies to help our troubled kitty, Hope. I loved that she got me thinking of things I hadn't considered, and helped me rethink my approach to taking care of all my cats. I am very grateful we retained her, and very happy with the results.

Kristen, Point Pleasant NJ



Artie, Obsessive/Compulsive Behavior and Mild Aggression: Behavior Consult w/ Action Plan and Reiki sessions


Artie’s story as told by his person.

Artie was an abused kitty who had an injury to his paw. He was only two months old when he was brought to the hospital that his person was working at and left there. His injuries were such that they though he might have to have his leg amputated. But with a little TLC that wasn’t necessary. As he grew he was happy with his housemate Ira but the little female that lived with them was a challenge to him. He was not good with strangers either and was scared of thunder storms and loud noises. Everything seemed to be fine until he became blocked. He was in the hospital for a week in critical care. His diet changed (his person was now starving him) and then his housemate Ira died.He started to hiss at everything and everyone. He was chewing on his feet and scratching his chin. He went from doctor to doctor to find out why his was so distressed. Finally, his person found a special lady who loves cats. She started coming to the house to help him feel better. His person listened to the suggestions that were made and started helping him little by little. But that special lady really helped him. He started staying around when others came over, he stopped chewing on his feet and when his person changed his food bowl he stopped scratching his chin so much. But one day the unimaginable happened. His person’s 8 year old granddaughter came over. He rubbed up against her legs, he sat next to her on the bed and he let her pet him. And he didn’t even hiss once!!!

Sally at The Contended Cat is that special lady. Thanks to her Artie feels more comfortable with himself and his surroundings and is a happier kitty!!

Karen, Red Bank NJ



Fred and Ginger, Bullying and Socialization issues: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


We initially contacted Sally on the recommendation of our vet.  Fred, one of our two cats, was bullying Ginger, his sister.  We were also having problems with socializing in general, as they were very uncomfortable with being held, and Ginger really did not like being touched.  With Sally’s help, we minimized Fred’s aggressive behavior towards Ginger, and both actually enjoy being held now.  We also found a new cat-sitter in Sally, and are quite happy with her care of our cats when we are away.  We consider Sally to be a real asset to us. 

Thank you Sally for helping us create a home that makes our cats feel happy and secure.

Trudy L., Red Bank NJ



Sky, 12 yr Old Cat w/Litter Box issues: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


Sally is a lifesaver. We thought we had tried everything to modify out cat's behavior but Sally came with her "bag

of tricks" and saved the day. She was attentive, thoughtful and wrote us a complete plan of action. Within a week or so of implementing her plan, we noticed such a remarkable change. Not only was the problem behavior eliminated, but our once-cranky kitty was her lovely old self. I had forgotten how much I loved cats but Sally made me remember 

Brook F., Little Silver




Lucky Luciano, 2 yr Old Cat w/ Litter Box Issues : Behavior Consult & Action Plan


So sometimes in life you meet someone, and you just know, I think my life is about to change for the better. 

I was never a pet owner, not because I don't love animals but because I adore clean homes, and they don't always go hand in hand.  Well the universe had different plans for me and two years ago a small baby kitten abandoned by its mother was left at my back doorstep.  Although I struggled the first few days with not wanting a pet, I knew something greater was at play and she was sent to me for a reason.  A few months later we were badly affected by the storm and the months and even years to follow have been filled with many challenging lessons to say the least.  Lucky Luciana, although the best kitten in the whole world would urinate outside the box from time to time and seemed to be jumpier and more stressed than you would expect a loved kitten to be.  We always made excuses, it was the disruption of the storm, we were displaced, we were living in chaos.  She'd be good for weeks and then she'd do it again, we couldn't figure out the pattern.  As quick as I bought new furniture to replace from the storm, I had to throw it out because she would soil it.  Getting rid of her was never an option, but it was costing us thousands and we were at our wits end.  Moments after throwing out a brand new sectional couch a short google search found me Sally who just so happened to live right near by.  One of her first texts to me, I hadn't even spoken to her in person yet, 'was don't worry, hold on, we'll figure this out..........'

After one assessment of my home she quickly noticed that I was making some rookie mistakes, such as placing food and litter too close to each other.  A few minor changes and some great product recommendations and it's like I have an even better animal than before.  It literally changed our lives.  Not only did she make amazing recommendations that has made Lucky even happier and more playful than before, but she noticed that Lucky had an odd gait that would indicate a neurological issue.  My own vet (also amazing) never even caught that because he doesn't get to see her walk.  Sure enough, after a neuro visit to Red Bank, Lucky does in fact have a neurological issue that she was born with.  The amazing news is she's totally fine and it will not progress and I have an amazing animal that no longer goes outside the box!!

Sally is an amazing soul that has made this important work her personal mission.  She loves these animals and checks on Lucky all the time....offering ideas and suggestions.  My case turned out to be a pretty easy fix, I realize I'm one of the 'lucky' ones.  I feel so blessed to have found her and I want to scream it from the rooftops.....if you or anyone know is struggling with a pet issue Sally should be your first stop.  Her intuitive sense and immense knowledge on cat behavior can not be compared.  It's as if she takes every case on like it's the only case she's working on.  To know Sally Williams is a gift.

Forever grateful.

Alicia F., Long Branch



Benjamin, 6 yr Old Cat w/ Litter Box Issues : Behavior Consult & Action Plan


I contacted Sally at the Contented Cat after my newly adopted cat began exhibiting behavioral issues, the most pressing being he was not using the litter box on most occasions. Sally was kind, compassionate, and above all else, extremely knowledgeable about cats and their eccentricities.  Sally knew immediately that Benjamin (who was adopted already declawed, unfortunately,) was experiencing pain when using traditional clay litter, and suggested different techniques and products to help him.  After following Sally's advice, I have had no issues with Benjamin using the litter box.  Sally was also available via phone and email, and promptly answered all questions,and tracked Benjamin's progress.  Sally genuinely cares about your pet, and was also available to help me in regard to a stray cat I found.  I strongly recommend the services of the Contented Cat!

Erin D., Red Bank



Nina and Nutmeg, Undersocialized: Behavior Consult & Action Plan


Ultimately, Sally was a great sounding board for us, and she gave us great guidance and practical advice that we have since successfully put to work. From my perspective, no matter how much experience one may have, it’s always a positive step to seek the advice of a professional for the same reasons we did, as in many cases, it can be tough to see what is “right in front of you,” and it’s amazing how one can miss very simple opportunities to improve a given situation.That is where someone like Sally comes in, with her expertise and experience – and we highly recommend her for her ability to help achieve the ultimate goal – a “Contented Cat.”

Christine S., Ocean Grove



Simba, 17 yr Old Cat: Reiki Sessions


Simba is doing great! I can’t believe how calm he is after a session with you. I am not exaggerating the difference in him after you leave. You have such a soft touch with him it’s amazing. He is calmer and happier. After the last session he sat by me all night, believe it or not! "

Brenda F., Red Bank



Savannah, 11 yr Old Lab Mix with Back Injury: Reiki Session


My 11 yr old lab mix, Savannnah, recently had a back injury that seems to be taking months to fully heal. After researching Reiki and contacting Sally, she made me feel that she really had a desire to understand what Savannah and I were going through. Sally came to our home and explained that the most important thing was Savannah being able to relax as to better receive the treatment. For us this was important to do in Savannah’s own environment and on her terms. Savannah seemed to intuitively feel safe and understand that Sally was there to help. She laid down against Sally the entire session and was completely calm. I definitely feel our first session was beneficial to Savannah and we plan to have Sally back! She has called to follow up to see how Savannah was doing and shows genuine concern for her progress. I would happily refer Sally and the Contented Cat services without hesitation!

Perri B., Tinton Falls



Cat Chat:

"Sally absolutely knows her stuff. She is a life long cat lover and is super passionate about helping you. I would definitely recommend the services of The Contented Cat. If you know anyone struggling with a feline behavior issue or someone who is looking to add a new kitty to their home, Sally's your chick!"



"Sally loves cats but most importantly, has worked really hard to study every aspect of cat behavior and tested these methods successfully on many rescue cats. A genuine professional - call with your cat problems!"




"Sally is the cat whisperer. I have known her for over 30 years and cats have been part of the mix always. She has a calm nature that cats definitely relate to. When I got my first cat who ran and hid under the bed, she was the person I called and with her tips and words of encouragement, kitty was out from under the bed in no time. Cats are special creatures and Sally knows her stuff!"