A Little About Me.

I am very excited to share with you my new mission called The Feline Fine Project. Over the past few years as a cat behaviorist and the founding director of The Brodie Fund I became more and more aware of the number of cats that were not getting annual wellness checks or any kind of regular, non emergency, vet visits. I started wondering why out of all the grants now given by The Brodie Fund so few were to cats and why when asked so many people couldn’t remember their cat’s last vet visit. My research started and the statistics were are alarming.

Of the 83% of cats taken to a veterinarian in the first year of ownership less than half returned.

About 82% of dog owners take their dogs to the vet annually and only 55% of cat owners do the same.

As a cat guardian, advocate and behaviorist I understand the many reasons why and what the obstacles are (carrier, car ride etc), but I also know that most of these can be addressed. That is where The Feline Fine Project steps in. My goal will be to educate and offer solutions so that we can move the needle on these percentages. All cats not only deserve, but need annual wellness checks. Senior cats and special needs cats need to be seen more often. I know we can do better and it will be my mission to help make that happen. I will be speaking at upcoming conventions about how we can make the change as well as talking with inspiring people to share stories and highlight why this is so important. I personally feel that my cats are not pets, but are a part of my family. The day they each came

home a commitment was made out of love to not just provide food and shelter, but to also care for their health and wellness.

It is my hope through The Feline Fine Project we change some minds and hearts as well as change the numbers.

Big picture it can and will SAVE lives.


As a volunteer at a local cat cafe I am involved in several different areas. In my role as a cat behaviorist I not only work to keep the cats on the adoption floor happy, but I also work with cats having a difficult time adjusting to their new environment.  I use Reiki sessions to help cats with the adjustment process and stress reduction.


When I am not working with The Feline Fine Project I am hard at work for *The Brodie Fund (helping pets diagnosed with cancer). I can usually be found at home enjoying the company of my four fabulous felines; Jonesey, Marlin, Finnegan and Henry. They are all alumni of the Monmouth County SPCA and currently working for catnip in the The Contented Cat/BrodieFund office!


Member: Pet Professional Guild, IAABC and SARA.

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*I am the Founding Director of The Brodie Fund.  

Visit thebrodiefund.org to find out more.